Interactive CD-ROM that follows your leads
BloodHound CD-ROM Tracking that follows your leads
BloodHound CDROM Tracking that follows your leads
Interactive CDROM that follows your leads
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Interactive CDROM that follows your leads
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CD-ROM Tracking Technology
The brains behind this puppy
When a user runs a BloodHound CD-ROM, the data is collected. Every time a user clicks on an item, such as a page, a video clip, an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) document, a Powerpoint presentation, etc., the software stores the date and time they clicked on that item and the length of time they viewed the item.

If the viewer has an active internet connection, when they finish viewing the cdrom, the data is then sent to our servers. They do not need to be connected to any specific web site for the data to be sent.

If the viewer does not have an active internet connection, the software saves the tracking data log file on the hard drive and sends it to our servers the next time the user has an active internet connection and runs the disc.

How BloodHound keeps you informed
Once the data is received by our servers, an email is sent to you indicating that a user has just viewed one of your CD-ROMs. You can then login to your account and view the data. You have the option to receive this email notification either immediately or on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Designed to be flexible
The tracking technology on BloodHound is scalable, which means that it can track a CD-ROM with as few as three or four pages, or as complex as a product catalog with thousands of items.

Full privacy compliance
A privacy statement is included on each BloodHound CD-ROM. It provides detailed information as to the data being collected and how that data will be used. It also provides the user with the option to "opt-out".
The technology behind BloodHound CD-ROM Tracking and Data Mining
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